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Ambitious New Orleans Professional Womens Coach

Michelle Lee: New Orleans Professional Women’s Coach

Ambitious New Orleans Professional Womens Coach

Hi, my name is Michelle Lee. I’m the owner and CEO of Michelle Lee Coaching. I’m a certified hypnotherapist, Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) practitioner and intuitive.  

My journey to coaching began more than 20 years ago when I found myself in the depths of postpartum depression. Even as I was suffering, my intuition told me that my experience and millions of other women’s experiences of birth and postpartum was ‘wrong’.  

I felt intuitively that such a powerful, life changing experience should be one of joy and peace. So I set out to find a way to help women transform their experience of labor, delivery and postpartum.  

I found a process called hypnobirthing which teaches women to use deep relaxation to actually have painless childbirth. But what I found even more interesting was the history of birth and how western women were taught to fear the birthing process, which inevitably manifested as pain. I was blessed to see many women give birth painlessly and joyfully after I taught them hypnosis for birthing. Exactly, as my intuition had led me to believe.

I could see how our world could be transformed if every woman and every baby could have a birthing experience of peace, tranquility and joy rather than one of fear, pain, exhaustion and emotional trauma. But then, I wondered, what other erroneous information have we women been taught to believe about ourselves, our experiences, our roles and even our value that has led to unnecessary pain, fear and trauma.

That’s when my journey of helping women break the spell of “not being enough” began. I wanted women to be able to trust and love themselves and know their worth. Intuitively, I knew self-worth, self-trust and self-love are our natural state. By following the needs of my clients and my intuition, I was able to discover the four major obstacles that prevented my clients from fully embodying their worth and I help them to eliminate those blocks. As a result, my clients experienced greater professional and financial success and personal fulfillment.



My mission is to close the New Orleans gender pay gap and get more women in high-power leadership roles by helping them to recognize their immense and unique value inside and outside the New Orleans boardroom.

I help successful, ambitious, professional women reach even greater heights in their career by busting through their unconscious glass ceiling without compromising their values, their authenticity or their femininity. Together, we uncover and eradicate the beliefs that sabotage their ability to reach the level of success and impact they desire and the world requires.

  • Release the limiting beliefs that inevitably sabotage their success
  • Become bold & fearless
  • Are less affected by criticism and the fear of criticism
  • Stop overworking and allowing balance in their lives
  • Confidently ask for and get what they want and deserve
  • Grow their income and impact
  • Experience greater fulfillment professionally and personally
  • Conquer the impostor syndrome

    During my two decades of working with women I discovered the Four Core Wounds that diminish a woman’s self-worth and how to heal them. I recognized that no matter what level of success these women had achieved they all suffered from these wounds to some extent.  

    When the Four Core Wounds go unhealed women second guess themselves, are plagued with self-doubt, are indecisive, don’t trust themselves, worry about what others think, fear being criticized and fear they won’t be liked all leading to sabotaging their success.

    Just as we have been taught to expect pain in childbirth we’ve also been taught how much success we can have and how deserving we are of that success. We’ve also been taught that our success robs others, what makes us a good woman/wife/mother and even what should fulfill us as women.  

    Unfortunately, even if you don’t think these “lessons” affect you, they are running in your mind and determining the choices you make and the actions you take.

    I like to say that you are wired for success and programmed for failure. What you want and who you are authentically is your ‘success wiring’ and will show you the path to that success. Everything else is just programming and can be changed!

    I help my clients destroy the programming so they can fully access their success wiring.  

    A world with women at the top is a world that works for everyone.


    4 Simple Steps to Shift Into Empowerment


    Michelle, was my business coach for a year. During my time with her, I came to understand and clear my fears around leadership and expanding my personal greatness. I had stories that were keeping me small. As the CEO of my own business, and having an even bigger vision of what I have already created, I needed to clear these things and quickly. Michelle is incredibly gifted in seeing these stories that hold us back and she intuitively feels your emotions even when you aren’t clear for your own self of all the details. Michelle’s work is deep and fast and she sees beyond your challenges and straight into who the empowered person you are at your core. Then she shows you how to draw it out of yourself. I have done many forms of transformational techniques and nothing has been more thorough, faster or deeper than this work I did with Michelle.

    Amanda Smith Owner/CEO, Soil Harmonics

    Michelle Lee is a game changer within the world of business coaching. What if you could know exactly where you needed to shift in order to create dynamic change in how you are seen and heard? This is exactly what Michelle does!

    Over the last two years, I have been radically changing my professional life. Working within the accounting industry as a bookkeeper for mid-size s-corps, I led my clients through financial planning that brought their businesses into the $1 million + club, but I still felt like I was missing something. I felt a calling to step into coaching.

    When I began working with Michelle, I didn’t even realize how my own voice was silenced. After all, I was successful, I was just having some trouble getting off the ground and moving forward with my new work. With Michelle’s guidance, I began to see and release the old messages I had been telling myself about my own voice….as those messages were released, we rebuilt upon a new foundation of trust in my own voice.

    People began to take notice of how I had changed. It wasn’t an outright, “you have changed”. It showed in the responses from others. I began to hear comments like, wow, “that really landed with me” after sharing my ideas. Or, “you look great, what have you been doing?”

    Not only did my new coaching business begin to take hold, a shift occurred with how I was serving the bookkeeping clients that I had chosen to retain. I was able to speak with greater authority and confidence, which allowed one of my clients to dramatically grow her business in a new direction, all while under the COVID restrictions.

    You don’t know what you don’t know, but Michelle Lee can show you!

    Rebecca Smith-McGovern Owner/CEO, Awakening Seraphina


    4 Simple Steps to Shift Into Empowerment


    YOU'RE WORTH 100%
    In 2020 on average white women make 78 cents to every dollar of her white male counterpart and women of color make even less.

    According to the World Economic Forum the gender pay gap will take 257 years to close at the rate we’re going now.

    Women freelancers and contractors charge less than their male counterparts and are paid late more often.

    You are making more than 90% of your decisions based on past programming stored in your subconscious mind and those decisions are based on pure survival rather than thriving and success.

    Your mind can actually be reprogrammed for success efficiently after the four core wounds are healed.

    Ambitious New Orleans Professional Womens Coach


    Women working with me learn to trust their instincts so they can have the success and impact they were born to have.



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